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Planning my on-farm event

Dernière mise à jour : 23 juil. 2022

Vert d'Iris hosts groups up to 25 persons or more, every weekday and weekends, for a meal or workshops such as:

  • installing and managing crops: bed preparation, sowing, weeding, harvesting

  • plant drying and conditioning: vegetable and fruit chips, herbs, herbal teas

  • producing plant health teas such as nettle, comfrey, tansy, horsetail teas.

  • plant propagation: cuttings, transplanting with seasonal plant material (vegetables, berries, herbs etc).

  • interactive presentation of Vert d’Iris, agroforestry, agroecology, urban agriculture, or related topic to be agreed upon (introduction to botany, plant associations, soil management, composting, the history of agriculture in the last 10.000 years, the history of responsible agricultures in the last 100 years, etc).

Tariffs (all prices excl. VAT):

  • access to the site and amenities: €150 per event regardless of the amount of people. This includes overall management, welcome and introductory tour, toilets, etc

  • supervised on-farm workshops: €50 per hour / group of 6 persons, including refreshments (herbal teas, coffee) and homemade snacks.

  • lunch: 20 euros / head, for a vegetarian or vegan yogi dish (see photo attached) including dal, tzatziki, Jazzy salad, roasted nuts, sprouts and drinks. Alcoholic drinks (organic/natural wines and organic beers) on demand at an extra charge.

  • veggie box can be collected at the end of the day if ordered before 9am the same day, on the cooperative's webshop.

  • extra charge apply for events taking place in the weekend.

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